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Traditional Energy

Traditional energy sources are the main drivers behind the world's economic engine, supplying approximately 96% of energy used globally.

However, the industry is changing.

Increased reliance on fossil-fuels, "peak oil" concerns, shifting energy distribution patterns and growing greenhouse gas emissions have become hot topic issues around the world.

The transition from a fossil-fuel economy to a clean energy economy is coming, but it cannot and will not happen overnight.


Traditional fuel sources will still be necessary to satisfy future demand during the "bridge period" and are essential to the development of alternative energy technologies.

We believe studying traditional and clean energy in isolation to each other is a grave error, as they are inextricably linked.

The traditional energy industry has reached an inflection point, catalyzing a time period of change and new opportunities. Off-shore oil, oil and tar sands, cleaner coal technologies and infrastructure modernization across the oil and gas production pipeline are gaining momentum, and providing exciting opportunities for investment.

Emerging cleaner technologies applied into traditional energy has the potential for improved efficiencies, increased production and distribution, and improved products, all at a reduced carbon footprint.

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Source: CIA World Factbook

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